Company History
Established in 1999, Canadian Electric has been dedicated to providing the fast, efficient, and most importantly, quality work to its clients in Southern Ontario. Canadian Electric specializes in the installation, maintenance and repair the projects for Residential, Commercial and Industrial sectors. Its continued success has been driven by its client’s loyalty and solid reputation within the electrical contractors community.
Some clients include: Commercial Buildings, High rise buildings, Medical Offices, Toronto Housing, York Condominium Corporations and Restaurants and much more.
-Bachelor of Science (BSc) in the  Electrical  Engineering (P)

-Licensed as an Electrical Contractor, for    the Province of Ontario, Canada.
 Licence # ECRA/ESA 7001271

-​Licensed as an Master Electrician, for the  Province of Ontario License # 6001910

-Licensed as a Construction &  Maintenance Electrician for the Canadian  Inter-provincial operations. License #  309A-376171

-Licensed as an Industrial Electrician for    the Canadian Inter-provincial operations.  License # 442A-400128432
Qualifications of the Business Owner
Area of Expertise
Commercial, Residential and Industrial.

Canadian Electric
      Serving canadians since 1999​

            Phone: (416) 743-7816​
            FAX:     (416) 743-0913​


-Service upgrade from 60 Amps to 100,    200 and 400 Amps.

-Panel upgrade from fuses to Circuit 

-Electrical Safety Inspections for the    Insurance Companies.

-Installation of energy saving ballast,    lamps  and light fixtures.

-​​Installation of Pot lighting & Chandeliers.

-Wiring, Rewiring, alterations &    troubleshooting. ​​

-Installation of Hydro service mast, meter  bases & sub metering systems. 

-Removing Hot water tank from flat rate  and  connecting through the hydro meter.

-Install MH, (Metal Halide Lighting) and  (HPS) H. Pressure Sodium Lighting

-Plant maintenance, installation of motors,  transformers and control panels

-Computer wiring, telephone wiring,  intercom & other communication  systems 

-Designing, maintenance testing and  commissioning of electrical projects.

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